For us it all started in 1995......

.....but the story really began around 500AD when the Irish tribe, Dál Riata , sailed to Argyll and went on to establish the Scottish Kingdom of Dalriada. So, the Scots of Dalriada were originally from an area along the Antrim coast and part of County Down.

Our story started in 1995 and since then we have been supporting a wide array of organisations, teams and individuals across the UK to realise their true potential and make positive changes.

Our blend of experience and skills enable us to offer a wide range of support ranging from project management, executive and team coaching, workshop facilitation, training to providing strategy development workshops and management/leadership development programmes.

Dal Riata Consulting

Over the years we have developed a strong reputation for effective and award winning project management of groups of businesses, particularly in the Tourism & Hospitality sector. An example is our project management of the Scottish Mountain Bike Consortium which has assisted in their recently being awarded the Cooperative Development Scotland 2013 Award for Collaboration and a special commendation  from Cooperative Development Scotland for the Alewater Valley Tourism Group in 2015.

The support offered to develop strategy, increase the effectiveness of  leaders and teams, whether through one:one coaching or group workshops has been highly rated by our clients.

If you'd like to find out more or chat something through just get in touch either by phone (+44 141 942 1167) or drop us an email.