Current Activities

A snapshot of what we are currently doing .....

Edinburgh Tourism Action Group: From 2015  anChinaReadyd through to 2017 we have facilitated a series of innovation workshops for ETAG members including themes such as China Ready, Edinburgh World Heritage, Youth Travel, Digital, Cultural Venues and Accessibility. The workshops are both creative and interactive and designed to encourage businesses to fully utilise the vast array of assets and experiences available to the visitor to Edinburgh.

Breadalbane Tourism Cooperative: We've been involved with this innovative group since 2009, assisting in formation of the Cooperative in 2011 and helping to bring about the award
winning Ring of Breadalbane Explorer Bus in 2012, Scotland's first hop-on hop-off bus partly funded by private businesses. We continue to support the group on an ongoing basis through project management, meeting and event facilitation and look forward to further adventures in 2017 and beyond!.

Ale Water Valley Tourism Group: We have been part of the creation of this group of 10 buAWV Logosinesses in the Ale Water valley, now established as a rural cooperative under the strap line  - Rural Discovery in the Scottish Borders. We provide ongoing project management and facilitation support of the group through monthly meetings and themed workshops as part of the Scottish Enterprise Planning to Succeed programme.

Ayrshire Country Sports Scotland: We now provide ongoing project management and facilitation of this very proactive group of Country Sports businesses across Ayrshire.

Lanarkshire Tourism Association: Project management of LTA through bi-monthly meetings and wider encouragement of business to business collaboration within the association. Visit-Lanarkshire-Logo1

Providing a development programme and 1-1 coaching support for middle-managers of a Manchester based on line marketing company

Providing staff development programmes on Customer Service, Communication for Managers and Balancing a Busy Workload at Glasgow University

Providing 1-1 coaching sessions and support with a range of owners and managers of businesses across Scotland

Facilitating Team Coach Development programme within the NHS in Scotland