Current Activities

A snapshot of what we are currently doing in 2018 .....

We regularly facilitate bespoke innovation workshops on behalf of Scottish Enterprise and other regional tourism groups and associations e.g. Edinburgh Tourism Action Group members including themes such as China Ready, Edinburgh World Heritage, Youth Travel, Digital, Cultural Venues and Accessibility. The workshops are both creative and interactive and designed to encourage businesses to fully utilise the vast array of assets and experiences available to the visitor to Edinburgh.

We provide project management and facilitation on behalf of Scottish Enterprise within the Planning to Succeed Rural Development Programme for the 10 member Ayrshire Country Sports Scotland Group and the 12 member Beyond Borders Equestrian Group.

Lanarkshire Tourism Association: Project management of LTA through bi-monthly meetings and wider encouragement of business to business collaboration within the association. Visit-Lanarkshire-Logo1

Providing a leadership and management development programme plus 1-1 coaching support for middle-managers of a Manchester based on line marketing company.

We provide 1:1 support to participants of Glasgow Welcome’s bespoke Aspiring Leaders Programme which involves helping these aspiring leaders scope, manage and implement a business improvement project related to customer service.

Thomas and Madeleine are currently contracted by Argyll and Bute Council to provide one to one coaching support for a range of middle to senior managers as part of their Leadership Development programme. We also provide 1-1 coaching sessions and support with a range of owners and managers of businesses across Scotland

Facilitating Team Coach Development programme across the NHS in Scotland