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Stuff we're good at (or so we are told!)

Facilitation: Good facilitation can make the difference between a successful event/workshopfacil_large_01 or failure. We always ensure we understand the objectives, background and context of the meeting or event. Part of our planning and design is to develop the tools to help each group progress towards their desired outcomes.

project-management-2Project Management: Our approach to project management is to ensure what is planned to achieve success (objectives) gets done and what isn't planned (and is crucial to overall success) also get 's done! In a nutshell when involved in managing a project we ensure we deliver the core components of project management

Creativity & Innovation: In 2003 we developed a series of simple tools and techniques to Innovation_Simple_Wordlehelp boost creativity in the workplace which could (would) lead to innovation,  turning ideas into action! That led to our project management and facilitation of the Scottish Enterprise Tourism Innovation Toolkit workshops for over 10 years and still exists in different forms and guises in our work with businesses and organisations to this day!

StrategyStrategy: Developing a strategy for your business or organisation can often be complex and for some quite daunting. Whether it involves your board or management team we utilise a wide range of tools and techniques to assist in the development, review or evaluation of your businesses or organisational strategy.

Cooperative Development: We have been instrumental in providing advice and support in the establishment and development of Scotland's three most recent Cooperatives; The Breadalbane Tourism Cooperative (2011), Scottish Mountain Bike Cooperative (2013) and the Ale Water Valley Group (2015). Along with expert support from Cooperative Development Scotland, we have provided step by step guidance at each stage of the journey from early enquiry through to finalising all legal requirements and continue to provide support and guidance to all three cooperatives are various stages. In 2015 Thomas became a founder co-owner of the Lacada Brewery, a community owned Cooperative Brewery based in Portrush, Co Antrim

Team Development: We are accrediteTeam developmentd providers of an evidenced-based team development tool, the Aston Team Journey, and have been working with senior leaders to help them assess and develop their team’s potential using an on line assessment tool with comprehensive reports. This is supplemented by 1-1 team leader support and team facilitation.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring: We are qualified executive coaches and mentors and have supported a rangcoaching_mentoringe of clients from the private, public and third sector to address and fulfil their goals. We are there to keep you focused on the end result and remind you why it is important. We will motivate you to keep your commitments and will act as a sounding board, highlighting your business and personal blind spots.

Leadership & Management Development: We run open and tailored development programmes which offer experienced and professional leadership-modelssupport to leaders an managers at all levels - team leaders/supervisors as well as middle and senior managers. Areas covered include: Delegation & Decision-Making; Approaches to effective leadership; Planning & Managing Priorities; Managing Performance; Manging Difficult Situations

Training: We are experienced in delivering a range of training programmesWorkshops which cover areas such as: Effective Meetings management; Assertive communication; Customer Service; Trainer training